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Terms & Conditions

1- Booking Confirmation: Your booking is confirmed upon receipt of payment, and the terms and conditions outlined below are agreed to upon payment.

2- Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  • For after-school art classes, missed classes cannot be made up or refunded.

  • Once workshops have started, bookings cannot be refunded.

  • A full refund will be given if you cancel one week before after-school art classes or three days before our holiday program begins.


3- Cancellation Due to Enrollment Numbers: After-school art classes and school holiday programs are subject to minimum enrollment numbers and will be canceled if not viable. A full refund will be given in such cases.

4- Cancellation Due to Extreme Circumstances: If an after-school art class or holiday program has to be canceled due to extreme circumstances, a credit, refund, or makeup session may be offered.

5- Safety Information: To ensure your child's safety, please inform us of any medical conditions and/or learning needs prior to class.

6- Program Description: Our after-school Art Classes and school Holiday Programmes are designed for children who have a keen interest in art. During the afternoon art classes and the 6-hour school Holiday Programmes (with breaks), we aim to provide a positive and joyful environment where children can fully immerse themselves in creative activities. However, if a child struggles to focus or disrupts the class in a way that affects others' experience, we may need to contact you to collect your child. In such cases, a partial refund for the remaining time may be considered.

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