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Angela is an incredible teacher and, has a very wide range of skills and techniques in the world of artistry. From the time I spent with her, I learnt a lot of different tips and tricks to make my artwork better and more enjoyable. Throughout the lessons, she would always make sure that I was learning new things and enjoying myself through the creative process and, that I was happy with the artwork I was producing. She really helps you to get the basic groundwork of certain techniques and, then branches off of what you learnt into new and interesting areas of art. Angela, also lets you take a lot of artistic licenses in your artwork – letting you take your own ideas and plot them in your art piece. I learnt a lot from Angela and that shows in the art I produce now. She is a lovely person and an incredible art teacher.

- Sam Giannoulis

Angela was fantastic, she was so friendly and polite, very good with young children too. At the end all the children had great artwork in their hands and were very happy. Thank you for making Mika’s special day ever more memorable.  

- Aya F.

Angela is a great teacher who has helped our daughter to create some amazing pieces of art. I hope she will continue teaching at our school in the future. 

- Toby Koller

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